About us

About us

About us

In 2008 Victorias56 was established in Spain as a producer of plus size garments for women. Nowadays our company is becoming one of the most relevant and recognized brand into the Spanish curvy Fashion.

Our philosophy

For us women are always the protagonist. We want to make them feel good and comfortable with their bodies; we want to be a part of their lives and style. Design and innovation in every collection, as well as the control and quality of every detail, is our priority. From design and manufacturing to distribution, the whole process is carried out and supervised by our staff, so that we may offer great quality at affordable prices.


From the date Victoria`s 56 was founded, the company has extended its presence through different selling points. Nowadays it operates in more than 300 stores all over Spain, also it has started to undertake its expansion to countries such as Portugal, Italy or France. At the moment the company is into a consolidation process through the national market and approaching to new international clients focusing on the European Union and South America, where the contact with some retail stores has already been launched.


Victoria´56 wants every woman to be able to find its own style and in order to achieve it we offer three different styles: Urban, Class and Sporty.

Urban line

Dedicated to the cool and trendiest  women, we have created this line with a casual style suitable for every occasion.

Class line

This line is intended for women who fancy a smart and sophisticated style mixed with a modern design and plenty of fabulous details that will make them feel stunning every day.

Sporty line

Created for every women who love sport or simply want to feel comfortable without renouncing to wear the last trends. This collection has come up to stay longer among us.

Exclusivity by zone

 We respect our customers and, for this reason, we provide exclusivity for our brand by zones.

 Sales representatives

 We have representatives throughout Spain and some part of Europe, to help you and to make life that much easier.

 On-line sale to outlets

 If you have an outlet, you can now buy on-line. Please contact us.

 Curvy fashion

 Our brand starts at size 44 and ends at size 60, specially designed for people looking for fashion in their size.